Kindness Week - February 10th to 14th

Working together to promote kindness and empathy in our school community!

Monday, February 10th– “Team Up and Be Kind!” Wear your favorite team shirt.  Say hello to other students in your class or school, ask them how they are, or just give them a smile. When we all work together, everyone feels better.

Tuesday, February 11th–“All We See is Kindness at Briargrove!” Wear sunglasses. Today do one nice thing for someone else. Hold the door open for them, help them clean up, or just ask how you can help. Make kindness all you see today!

Wednesday, February 12th  –“Caps for Compliments!” Wear a cap or a hat. Today say something nice to 5 people, let them know what makes them great. Spread the joy of kindness!

Thursday, February 13th  – “Be a Super Friend!” Wear your favorite Superhero shirt Try eating lunch, working on a project with a partner, or playing at recess with someone you don’t know that well. By spreading kindness this week, you are a Super Friend and a Superhero.

Friday, February 14th–“ We’re Red-Y to be kind!” Wear red or your favorite Valentine’s Day shirt. Tell your classmates, teacher, family, or someone else important in your life something you like about them. Brighten their day with your kind words!

Upstander Week - October 7th to 11th

Monday, October 7th – Blue Shirt Day

Blue Shirt Day is also known as World Day of Bullying Prevention and has taken place on the first Monday of October every year since 2009. In many cultures, blue is associated with peace and tranquility.

Tuesday, October 8th – Mix It Up Day

You can wear wacky or mixed up socks to remember to mix it up and meet a new friend today. Making sure our classmates aren’t alone is the first step to building a school community.

Wednesday, October 9th – No School

Thursday, October 10th –We’re all a Team at Briargrove 

Wear your favorite school appropriate sports team shirt or jersey. Students, teachers and parents- we all must work together to make our school community a great place! Today, make sure that no one eats alone at lunch or plays alone at recess. Include everyone!

Friday, October 11th – Be Your Own Unique, Awesome Self!- School appropriate free dress day.  

Everyone might be dressed differently today, and that’s okay-our differences make us special and unique.

Carnival Spirit Week - October 21st to 25th

Monday, October 21st – Silly Sock Day

Tuesday, October 22nd – Tie Dye Tuesday

Wednesday, October 23rd  – Wacky Hair Wednesday

Thursday, October 24th – Carnival Class Color Day

                Kinder – purple
                1st grade – Orange
                2nd grade – Yellow
                3rd grade – Green
                4th grade – Blue
                5th grade- Red

Friday, October 25th – Carnival T-shirt day